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This is not a normal political campaign. It is a short, hard run for an appointment by the commissioners of four counties. So, we are not asking for any donations at this time. Obviously, if selected, this part of our website may be needed to raise future campaign funding, but not now.


If and when that ever happens, I’ve determined that I will value each constituent the same, whether they can contribute nothing or can give a large amount of their time or treasure to our cause. That is how I would want to be treated. If you know me, meet me, read my information or hear me speak and you would like to support my campaign in the future, I'm sure I would welcome your contribution. We'll probably need it. But, if you expect kickbacks or favors for your giving, please don’t donate. You or your business are important, but not more important than the widow who can give nothing. I will do my best to listen to the needs of my constituents, but I must allow my values to inform and shape my decision-making and not the varied desires of any donors.

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