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Running a viable campaign takes a lot of money.

At least it’s a lot to me. I’ve determined that I will value each constituent the same, whether they can contribute nothing or can give a large amount of their time or treasure to this endeavor. That is how I would want to be treated. If you know me, meet me, read my information or hear me speak and you would like to support my campaign, I welcome your contribution. We could really use it. If you expect kickbacks or favors for your giving, please don’t donate. You or your business are important, but not more important than the widow who can give nothing. I will do my best to listen to the needs of my constituents, but I must allow my values to inform and shape my decision-making and not the varied desires of my donors.

Giving Records

If you would like to give financially, you can give online through the “Raise The Money” payment processor below. You are also welcome to mail us a check. Either way, you are required to provide us with your name, address, city, state and zipcode. An email address and phone number are completely optional. If you plan to give over $100 to our campaign, you must also provide your occupation, employer and the employer’s address. Unless you designate your giving, your contribution will help finance the election that is upcoming (primary or general). Also, we discourage cash donations. We can only accept $300 in total cash donations during a campaign. Please keep in mind, the above requirements are Public Disclosure Commission rules. Thank-you!

Other Ways to Help

If you would like to assist with this campaign in other ways, such as door-belling, putting up signs, etc., please click on our “Contact Us” tab above. We certainly can use the help and we can talk with you about the possibilities. Those kinds of contributions can really make a difference in a campaign.

Online Giving Deduction Information

Just so you know, for each online donation we will be charged 4.9% of the donation amount plus $.25 on each transaction. This amount is collected by the Raise The Money Company for their services. This is meant to be informational, not to discourage any online contributions.

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