Candidate for the Washington State House of Representatives

12th Legislative District   (GOP)


I heard something like this recently, “The bigger the government, the smaller the people.” Is that how you feel? It seems to me there is way too much power concentrated in our halls of government. Its time more of those in government really listen to the concerns of our citizens. It’s time unelected bureaucrats answer to the legislature. As the people’s representatives, legislators are elected to uphold our state’s constitution and support this constitutional republic we call America. In doing so, politics must be transparent, responsive and guided by wisdom.

My political career

Basically, it’s non-existent. I’ve served as a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) in both Lincoln and Grant Counties. I currently serve on the Executive Board of the Grant County Republican Central Committee as the 12th Legislative District Chair. I was also a delegate to the state republican convention in Pasco this year. Serving as a PCO has been my only elected office, so if you want to vote for a career politician, don’t vote for me. I desire to be a citizen statesman. I feel it’s time for me to be part of the solutions our state needs instead of just complaining about its problems. I’m a quick learner and plan to jump in with both feet and make a difference. And...I won’t stay there too long. I’ve got grandkids that I want to be “grandpa” to.


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