Candidate for the Washington State House of Representatives

13th Legislative District   (GOP)


Representative Matt Manweller, 13th Legislative District, Position #2, has decided to suspend his campaign for reelection and has pledged to resign, if he wins his race. His name, obviously, will remain on the ballot and the Republicans in Lincoln, Grant, Kittitas and Yakima counties are working hard to successfully reelect him so that another, conservative Republican can be appointed to fill his vacated seat in Olympia. Danny Stone of Almira is actively seeking that appointment which will be made by the county commissioners of those four counties should Mr. Manweller be reelected and he fulfills his pledge to resign. The Republican Central Committees of those counties are gathering the names of interested individuals at this time and Danny Stone has notified them of his intentions. He will be asking for their support and then is hopeful he can convince the county commissioners that Danny Stone is the person that should represent the interests of the 13th Legislative District in Olympia.


Representing the Constituency

I heard something like this once upon a time, “The bigger the government, the smaller the people.” Is that how you feel? It seems to me there is way too much power concentrated in our halls of government. Its time more of those in government really listen to the concerns of our citizens. I believe the people and their elected officials need to actively oversee the actions of our unelected bureaucrats. Too many times it seems the bureaucrats are in charge. As the people’s representatives, legislators are elected to uphold our state’s constitution and support this constitutional republic we call America. In doing so, politics must be transparent, responsive and guided by wisdom. I want to represent these values to the voters of the 13th Legislative District.

My political career

I’ve served as a Republican Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) in both Lincoln and Grant Counties. I was a county legislative chair in Grant County and for most of the past two years have served as the Chair of the Grant County Republican Party. That role also means I served on the Washington Republican State Committee. I was also a delegate to the most recent state Republican convention in Pasco. Serving as a PCO has been my only elected office, so if you want to choose a career politician, don’t select me. I believe we actually need more of what I'd prefer to be called, a citizen statesman. I felt some time ago that it was time for me to be more a part of the solutions our state (and country) needs instead of simply complaining about problems. So I became more actively involved. If you're concerned about my "lack of political experience," be assured I consider myself a quick learner and plan to jump in with both feet and make a difference. I've studied and discussed crucial issues affecting our nation and our state for many years. I've worked on a GOP platform committee and have helped draft policy and resolution statements on important issues. I understand my conservative values and I'm not afraid to articulate them. I'm also not afraid to ask questions and press the right people for answers. Too often it seems folks in positions of influence act like they know it all. Well, I don't and I'm willing to admit it when I don't. By the way, when I see some of the things that come out of Olympia, I often think we need a little more common sense there than we need "political experience." Additionally...you can trust that I don't plan to rust away in old age doing this, but I plan to give it my best for the time I'm to serve. If the voters are pleased enough to vote me in again, I would schedule at least two terms. Let me be clear, I don't need this job. Some seem to need position or power or prestige. I think I'm pretty much past that. I have a full life and am very involved in things I deem very significant both here and abroad. By the way, one of those is being a good grandpa to my four grandkids (plus one on the way). But I feel strongly that I should pursue this postion at this time and I hope you will support my willingness and heart to serve the 13th Legislative District and our state.


Danny's growing list of endorsements include the following:

  • Sheriff Wade Magers -- Lincoln County Sheriff
  • Mark Sheffels -- Managing Partner, Sheffels Company; Former Chairman of National Legislation for the Washington Association of Wheat Growers; Former Two-term President of the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association.
  • Murray Van Dyke -- President, Hi Valley Farms, Quincy, WA; Board Member, Ag Power Users of Grant County
  • Dennis Fountain -- Chaplain, Grant County Sheriff's Office; Pastor, Moses Lake Baptist Church
  • Judge Larry Kristianson -- Superior Court Judge (retired) Chewelah, WA
  • Senator Harold Hochstatter -- 13th Legislative District State Senator (retired)
  • Jason Evers -- Almira Town Council member; Crop Consultant, Nutrien Ag Solutions
  • Judge Phil Borst -- Superior Court Judge (retired) Wilbur, WA
  • Kit Arbuckle -- Okanogan County Republican Party Chair
  • Kimberly Allen -- Grant County Clerk
  • Keith Goehner -- Chelan County Commissioner; Current Candidate, 12th Legislative District Representative; President, K&L Orchards, Inc.
  • Dan McKay -- Owner/President of McKay Seed Co., Almira & Moses Lake; Former Board Member, Washington Grain Commission
  • Mary Hunt -- Former Douglas County Commissioner; Owner of Hunt Farms, Coulee City, WA
  • Terry Hunt -- Past President, Washington State Grange; Owner of Hunt Farms, Coulee City, WA
  • Ryan Poe -- Partner, Poe Farms J.V.
  • Dr. Marlene Poe, DVM -- Grand Coulee Veterinary Clinic
  • Julienne Loveall -- President, Stevens County Farm Bureau
  • Mayor Einar Larson -- Town of Almira, Almira, Washington
  • Norman D. Brock -- Attorney at Law, Brock Law Firm, Davenport, Washington
  • Sid Gregory -- Former Chair, Grant County Republicans; Gregory & Associates of Moses Lake, Accounting, Financial Consulting, Tax Preparation
  • Robert Sieg -- Grant County Republican PCO, Hartline 19, 12th Legislative District; Owner/Partner, Sieg Brothers JV 
  • Rick Heiberg -- State Committeeman, Grant County Republican Party; Grant County PCO, Coulee City 5, 12th Legislative District; Former Mayor, Coulee City, WA.
  • Linda Bishop -- President, Republican Women of Grant County; Congressional District Chair, Grant County Republican Party
  • RaeAnne Journey -- Treasurer, Grant County Republican Party; 2016 Deputy Field Director for Central & Eastern Washington, Trump Presidential Campaign
  • Robin Ball -- Owner, Sharp Shooting Indoor Range, Spokane, WA
  • Isaiah Paine -- Vice Chair, Spokane County Republican Party
  • Rep. Brad Klippert -- State Representative, 8th Legislative District, Kennewick
  • Bonnie Schroeder -- Grant County Republican PCO, Quincy Rural 42, 12th Legislative District
  • Mary Blechschmidt -- Secretary/Treasurer, Lincoln County Republican Party


If you would like to add your endorsement, please call or email.


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